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July 2021
Judiciary Republicans Demand Second Hearing, Information following Revelations of ATF Nominee’s Racist Comments about Colleagues
Grassley Questions DOJ Decision Not to Open Civil Rights Investigation of COVID Nursing Home Scandals
Grassley-Backed Prescription Drug Bills Advance out of Judiciary Committee
Grassley Questions Witnesses, Calls out Large Meatpackers on Unfair Practices at Judiciary Committee Hearing
Grassley Introduces Resolution Commemorating Increased Anti-Counterfeiting Efforts
ICYMI: Grassley Questions Witnesses at Hearing on Ag Labor Reform
Grassley Seeks Accountability in FBI Failure to Quickly Investigate Nassar Sexual Abuse Case
Durbin, Grassley Announce Senate Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearing this Month on Ransomware Attacks
Grassley Statement on Watchdog Review of FBI Failures in Nassar Probe
Grassley Statement on Draft Marijuana Legislation
Politics Taking Priority in Justice Dept. “Crime Strategy” and Biden Domestic Extremism Plan, but Were Career Officials Consulted?
Grassley Pushes Acting Drug Czar to Include Policies to Combat Overdoses, Crime in National Drug Strategy
Grassley Statement on Arizona Ballot Harvesting Case; Open Invitation for Whistleblowers on Recently Filed Case against Georgia
June 2021
Senators Raise Concerns over More Conflicts of Interest and Political Bias in Recent Justice Dept. National Security Hire
Judiciary Committee Advances two Grassley-Backed Bills to televise Federal Court Proceedings
Following Garland Proclamations, Grassley Seeks Follow-Through on Commitments to Respect Oversight Authority of Congress
Grassley Statement on Supreme Court Decision in ACA Lawsuits
Grassley: Politically-Motivated Probes Are a Serious Offense; So are Classified Leaks
Biden Admin Plan to Restart Central American Minors Program Faces Questions
Grassley to Justice Dept.: How do you fight violent crime by moving funds away from law enforcement?
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July 2021
Grassley on the Lack of Accountability, Investigation into COVID-19 in Nursing Homes
Grassley At Judiciary Hearing On Beefing Up Competition In Meat Supply Chain
Grassley Addresses Our Domestic Terrorism Strategy
Grassley Statement at Ransomware Hearing
Grassley Opening Remarks at Hearing on Immigrant Farm Labor Reform
Grassley: Diversity Among Our States is a Strength not a Weakness
Grassley on Updating the Victims of Crime Act
Grassley on an Unresponsive Justice Department
June 2021
Grassley Statement at Markup on Courtroom Transparency Bills, ATF and USCIS Nominations
Grassley Opening Remarks at Hearing on Examining Federal Sentencing for Crack and Powder Cocaine
Grassley Statement at Committee Meeting to Consider Marshals Service and Judicial nominees, Criminal Justice Bills
May 2021
Grassley Statement at Markup of Criminal Justice Bills
Grassley Opening Statement at Nominations Hearing for ATF, USCIS Directors, Judicial Nominees
Grassley Reintroduces the Foreign Agents Disclosure and Registration Enhancement Act
Grassley Statement at Executive Business Meeting to Consider Judicial Nominees
Grassley on the Nomination of Kristen Clarke
Grassley Statement at Executive Business Meeting on DOJ Nominees, Police Week Legislation
Grassley: The Eagles Act Can Prevent Senseless Violence
Grassley Honoring our Nation’s Law Enforcement
Grassley on Protecting Our First Responders
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September 2018
Opposition to Kavanaugh Is Failing Because It’s Meritless
Op-Ed: In Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings, here's what to expect
August 2018
Grassley: A Moment of Honesty From Chuck Schumer
Grassley: I’m ready to work to confirm Kavanaugh. I invite Democrats to join me.
July 2018
Grassley, Tillis, Cruz Op-Ed: Fixing Flores agreement is the only solution to immigrant family separation and detention
Grassley, Hatch Op-Ed: Mens Rea Reform and the Criminal Justice Reform Constellation
May 2018
Grassley-Goodlatte: DHS Should Finalize EB-5 Regs to Restore Program Integrity
April 2018
Sentencing reform bill will fight crime
Sen. Chuck Grassley: What I Need to Hear From Mark Zuckerberg Today
March 2018
Grassley Op-Ed: Trailblazing Judges Confirmed Despite Delay Tactics
February 2018
Grassley Op-Ed: Senate Democrats are trying to stall Trump's nominations by rewriting the history of 'blue slips'
January 2018
Op-Ed - Any DACA deal must include an end to chain migration
November 2017
Grassley Op-Ed - 100 Years of the Blue Slip Courtesy
April 2017
Op-Ed: The truth about Schumer, Democrats and Gorsuch
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acrobatGrassley to DOJ - Referral re: Whistleblower Communications
acrobatJustice Dept. to Grassley - ATF Whistleblower Harassment
acrobatImmigration & Customs Enforcement to Grassley, Flake, Sessions - Criminal Aliens
acrobatBeth Wilkinson to Grassley - Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson, Jacob Sullivan Joint Defense Agreement Follow-up
acrobatGrassley to Department of Labor - Administrative Leave Program Controls
acrobatGrassley to Justice Department - Administrative Leave Controls
acrobatGrassley, Hatch to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - OIG Advance Premium Tax Report
acrobatGrassley to FBI - Sec. Clinton Nondisclosure Agreement
acrobatJustice Department Inspector General to Grassley - DEA CS Investigations
acrobatDavid Kendall to Grassley - Security Clearance Follow-up & Joint Defense Follow-Up
acrobatMark MacDougall to Grassley - Bryan Pagliano Joint Defense Follow-up
acrobatGrassley to Department of Defense - Sec. Carter Private Email
acrobatNational Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women - Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act
acrobatGrassley to Veterans' Affairs - Department of the Interior Investigation
acrobatGrassley to Justice Department - FOIA Request Department of the Interior
acrobatGrassley to Chair of Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency - Department of Veteran's Affairs Inspector General
acrobat2016-01-28 National Association of Counties to Senate, House Leaders - Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act
acrobatGrassley to State Department - Cheryl Mills CREW FOIA
acrobatGrassley to Bureau of Prison - Religious Prison Contractor Follow Up
acrobatGrassley, Flake to the Department of Homeland Security - Rios-Covarrubias Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
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April 2020
Judiciary Committee Releases Key Material Related to FISA Abuse Investigation
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