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July 2018
Grassley: Kavanaugh Review Will Be Thorough and Fair, but No Taxpayer-Funded Fishing Expedition
FACT CHECKED: NYT, WaPo, PolitiFact Debunk Dem Claims on Kavanaugh
Grassley to Host Judiciary Member Briefing on Family Reunification
WaPo Fact Check: Left’s Claim on Kavanaugh “An Extreme Distortion”
Grassley: Judge Kavanaugh a Respected Jurist
Grassley: Judge Kavanaugh is a Superb Candidate for Supreme Court
June 2018
Grassley Statement on the Retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy
Hatch Endorses Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act
Hatch, Grassley Introduce Bill to Strengthen and Clarify Intent Requirements in Federal Criminal Law
Grassley Joins Senators in Crafting Bill to Keep Families Together, Ensure Integrity of Immigration Laws
Grassley to Judiciary Dems: We Can Stop Family Separations This Week, No Need to Delay with Hearing
Grassley Seeks Information on former FBI Director’s Use of Non-Governmental Email Accounts
Leahy-Grassley CREATES Act to Lower Prescription Drug Prices Clears Judiciary Committee
Blumenthal, Cotton, Durbin & Grassley Raise Concerns over Abuses in the H-2B Visa Program that Threaten American Workers
Iowa Sheriff: Grassley Right on Criminal Justice Reform
Lee, Grassley, Murkowski Introduce Inspector General Access Act of 2018
May 2018
Grassley: FDA Action on Prescription Drug Competition Good First Step
Bipartisan Bill Improves Protections for American Victims of International Terrorism
Grassley Seeks Removal of Remaining Redactions on Strzok-Page Texts
ICYMI: NYT Editorial Board - The Right Way to Fix the Prisons
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July 2018
Grassley: Committee will be thorough, modern, and efficient in SCOTUS nomination process
Grassley at Markup: Kavanaugh Has Very Distinguished Record of Public Service
Grassley Commemorates 40 Years of the Inspector General Act
Judge Kavanaugh, One of the Nation’s Most Widely Respected Judges
Grassley on SCOTUS Nomination: Judges should rule according to the law, leave policymaking to Congress
June 2018
Grassley at Hearing on Sexual Violence: We Must Continue to Promote Crime Victims' Rights
Grassley on the Importance and Responsibility of Congressional Oversight
Grassley remarks opposing family separations at committee hearing
Grassley Statement at hearing on “Citizenship for Sale: Oversight of the EB-5 Investor Visa Program”
Grassley: Law enforcement needs to ignore politics, follow the facts, and embrace oversight as a way to improve
Grassley at Markup: CREATES Act Improves Competition for Prescription Drugs; Saves Taxpayer Dollars
Grassley: Judicial Employees Deserve Protection from Harassment, Misconduct
Grassley Statement at Hearing Exploring Law Enforcement Tools to Combat Election Interference
Grassley on Judicial Confirmation Successes and Importance of Constitutional Powers of Congress
May 2018
Grassley: FBI, DOJ employees have protections, legal right to blow the whistle
For criminal justice bill to pass the Senate, it must include sentencing reform
Grassley: Minority Leader Misinformed on Committee's Trump Tower Meeting Inquiry
Grassley: Cambridge Hearing Continues Conversation on Data Privacy
Grassley on Police Week: Law Enforcement Deserves Respect, Support & Admiration
Grassley: Updating Music Licensing Framework Helps Reward Artistry that Enriches Lives
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July 2018
Grassley, Hatch Op-Ed: Mens Rea Reform and the Criminal Justice Reform Constellation
May 2018
Grassley-Goodlatte: DHS Should Finalize EB-5 Regs to Restore Program Integrity
April 2018
Sentencing reform bill will fight crime
Sen. Chuck Grassley: What I Need to Hear From Mark Zuckerberg Today
March 2018
Grassley Op-Ed: Trailblazing Judges Confirmed Despite Delay Tactics
February 2018
Grassley Op-Ed: Senate Democrats are trying to stall Trump's nominations by rewriting the history of 'blue slips'
January 2018
Op-Ed - Any DACA deal must include an end to chain migration
November 2017
Grassley Op-Ed - 100 Years of the Blue Slip Courtesy
April 2017
Op-Ed: The truth about Schumer, Democrats and Gorsuch
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acrobatGrassley to Hirono - Family Reunification Briefing
acrobatGrassley, Feinstein, Blumenthal to FBI - Nassar Investigation
acrobatUSCIS, Homeland Security Dept. to Grassley - H-2B Visas
acrobatGrassley to Justice Dept., FBI - Declassification of Ohr 302s
acrobatHealth & Human Services Dept. to Grassley, Goodlatte - UAC Facility Visit Requests
acrobatApple to Grassley - Data Privacy
acrobatGrassley, Leahy to Supreme Court- Same-Day Audio Recordings
acrobatGrassley to FBI - Comey Records
acrobatAmazon to Grassley - Data Privacy
acrobatJustice Dept. Inspector General to Grassley - DOJ, FBI Pre-Election Report
acrobatGrassley to President Trump - EB-5 Program
acrobatGrassley, Feinstein to FBI - Confidential Human Source Policy Guide
acrobatGrassley to Facebook - Device Manufacturers and Data Privacy
acrobatGrassley to Justice Dept. - Flynn Transcript Request
acrobatGrassley, Blumenthal, Cotton, Durbin to Dept. of Homeland Security, Dept. of Labor - H-2B Visas
acrobatGrassley to FBI - McCabe and NDA
acrobatBromwich to Grassley - McCabe NDA
acrobatGrassley to McCabe - Immunity Request and NDA
acrobatBromwich to Grassley - McCabe
acrobatGrassley to Dept. of Homeland Security - EB-5 vulnerabilities
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