Majority Press

March 2019
Feinstein on Newtown Lawsuit Ruling
Judiciary Committee Democrats to DHS: Explain Actions Taken Against Journalists, Lawyers Along Mexico Border
Feinstein Speaks on Controversial Ninth Circuit Nominees
Feinstein Calls for Securing Consumers’ Personal Data
Feinstein, Harris Call For Withdrawal of Kenneth Lee nomination to the Ninth Circuit
Senate Ranking Members Urge Review of White House Security Clearance Policies
Feinstein Speaks on Blue Slips, Ninth Circuit Nominees
Feinstein on Attempts to Reveal Whistleblower’s Identity
Feinstein Speaks on Family Separation, Welfare of Detained Immigrants
Feinstein, Grassley Call for Investigation of Sexual Abuse Against Unaccompanied Minors
Feinstein, Murray Reintroduce Bill to Stop Trump Administration from Detaining and Shackling Pregnant Women
Feinstein and Harris: Kenneth Lee Nomination Hearing Should Not Move Forward
Feinstein, Tillis Urge DOJ to Prosecute Individuals Who Unlawfully Abduct American Children
February 2019
Feinstein on Special Counsel Mueller Report
Feinstein: Rule Barring Planned Parenthood from Family Planning Program “Disgraceful”
Feinstein on Violation of Victims’ Rights in Epstein Case
Feinstein on ‘Border Emergency’ Lawsuit
Feinstein on National Emergency Declaration
Feinstein Introduces Bill to Keep Guns from Dangerous Individuals
Feinstein, Menendez, Introduce Bill to Block Trump Admin Push to Allow Proliferation of 3D Printable Guns
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