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Graham Opening Statement at Hearing on Secure and Protect Act

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) led a hearing on his legislation – the Secure and Protect Act of 2019 – to fix loopholes in current asylum law. Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan testified before the committee.

  • GRAHAM: “…the word is out in Central Americaand this is a Central American problem almost exclusively – that if you make it to America, your chances of staying are pretty darn good if you ask for asylum or bring a minor child with you.” 
  • GRAHAM: “So the bottom line is until we change our laws in two areas this never stops, and that’s the purpose of this hearing. As to what President Trump was able to negotiate with Mexico, I think it will help, but I do not believe it is an adequate substitute for us working together in the Congress with the Trump Administration to change the laws that create the magnet.”  
  • GRAHAM: “A wall will not fix this problem. The only way the wall would fix this problem is to build it in Mexico, so they never step a foot in the United States. But once you put one foot in the United States and you claim asylum, we have a major dysfunctional system.”