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Feinstein Opposes Justice Department Decision to Drop Opposition to Ohio Voter Law

Washington—Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement in reaction to the Justice Department’s decision to drop its legal objection to an Ohio law that allows the state to purge voters from its rolls:

“The Justice Department’s reversal in yet another key voting rights case is alarming. It appears that under the Trump administration the mission of the Justice Department is to pave the way for widespread disenfranchisement, a move that should outrage every American. The Justice Department must protect—not undermine—the right of all Americans to vote.

“Ohio’s law would allow the state—with little or no notice—to begin the process of purging eligible voters who missed voting in just one federal election.

“When the Senate comes back into session in September, it’s critical that Attorney General Sessions appear before the Judiciary Committee. I’ve raised this with Chairman Grassley on a number of occasions. The department’s action, taken in conjunction with its reversal in the Texas voter ID case, indicates a troubling politicization of the Justice Department, and we need to conduct the proper oversight.”