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USA Today Op-Ed | Criminal Justice reform: We can improve expensive, ineffective system by lowering recidivism

In a USA Today op-ed, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor, Jared Kushner, and Council of Economic Advisors member Tomas J. Philipson, discuss the economic benefits of criminal justice reform.  The bipartisan First Step Act, which was introduced last week and endorsed by President Trump, seeks to lower the crime rate and the overall cost of incarceration by ensuring that low-risk inmates bound for release are equipped to successfully rejoin society rather than return to a life of crime.
“The administration also worked with Congress to draft the FIRST STEP Act, legislation which seeks to strengthen recidivism reduction and evidence-based reentry programs for inmates in federal prisons. We continue to work with the law enforcement and faith and business communities to find ways to get people leaving prison properly reintegrated into society.
“While these reforms have proven to reduce crime, they also lead to reductions in the costs associated with corrections operations in general. The most damning fact about the ineffectiveness of our current prison system is that only 24 percent of the current federal prison population is being incarcerated for the first time. By lowering the rate of recidivism, we can apply a broad-based approach to preventing future crimes and cutting prison costs over time.”
Read the full op-ed HERE.
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