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Supplemental FBI Investigation Executive Summary

At the Senate Judiciary Committee’s request, the FBI opened a supplemental background investigation into Judge Kavanaugh. It’s his seventh FBI background investigation in 25 years, going back to 1993. The request was for an investigation into current credible allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.
In the course of its investigation, the FBI decided to reach out to eleven people, ten of whom agreed to be interviewed. The FBI reached out to all witnesses with potential firsthand knowledge of the allegations. The FBI provided to the Senate 12 detailed FD-302 reports summarizing their interviews with the witnesses as well as supporting materials cited by the witnesses during their interviews.
Interview Subjects
The FBI interviewed the following ten individuals:
Ford Allegations
·         The three individuals identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as having attended the gathering where she was allegedly assaulted.
o   Mark Judge[1]
o   PJ Smyth
o   Leland Keyser
·         Two other individuals included on Judge Kavanaugh’s July 1, 1982 calendar entry.
o   Timothy Gaudette
o   Christopher Garrett
·         An attorney for one of the witnesses
Ramirez Allegations
·         Deborah Ramirez
·         Two alleged eyewitnesses named by Deborah Ramirez (a third alleged eyewitness refused to submit to an interview)
·         Deborah Ramirez’s close friend from college
The Supplemental Background Investigation confirms what the Senate Judiciary Committee concluded after its investigation: there is no corroboration of the allegations made by Dr. Ford or Ms. Ramirez.

[1] Mr. Judge was also questioned extensively about other allegations besides Dr. Ford’s.