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Senate Judiciary Republicans Urge Durbin To Hold Hearing On Durham Report

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, led a letter signed by every Republican on the committee urging Chair Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) to hold a hearing on the Durham Report.

The senators urged Chair Durbin to call Special Counsel John Durham to testify on the report’s findings as soon as possible.

“The Committee held four oversight hearings on the Crossfire Hurricane investigation in 2020, which were critical to our understanding of the corruption among the top brass at the FBI during the 2016 election.  The Report we just received from Mr. Durham significantly expands our comprehension of how insidious these activities were,” wrote the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans.

The senators noted during Special Counsel Durham’s four-year investigation, he and his team conducted over 480 interviews, reviewed 6 million pages of documents, served more than 190 subpoenas and executed 7 search warrants.

They continued, “His work unearthed information we had not previously known and raises even more concerns and questions about the deception and meddling that occurred in our 2016 election.”

The senators concluded, “The Committee has a responsibility to the American people to hear from Mr. Durham so he may explain his findings in detail, and so we may discuss how such a travesty can be avoided in the future.  We hope you would agree.”

Full text of the letter is available HERE.