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Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Graham Advocates for Southern Border Policy Reforms

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made these statements on the need for southern border policy reforms.

  • GRAHAM: “The proposal by President Biden to secure our border has more to do with processing illegal immigrants than it does to turn them around. My goal is to come up with policies that will stop the flood of illegal immigration.”
  • GRAHAM: “I will not go back to South Carolina and say we helped Israel, we helped Ukraine, but we did nothing meaningful on our own border. Our asylum system is being gamed. The parole system is being abused.”
  • GRAHAM: “I can’t stress to you enough, the broken border that has existed under the Biden Administration, along with the rise of radical Islam and Afghanistan and now Hamas is a cocktail for the American people to be viciously attacked. I have run out of patience. It is now time to change [our border] policy as part of a package to help our allies. It would be ironic to me that we helped Israel and Ukraine and did nothing on our own border that would change the trajectory of illegal immigration. Everything in the Biden proposal doesn’t make anyone want to turn around. That’s what I’m seeking - to have people turn around!”