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NYT, WaPo: Opposition to Judge Kavanaugh Floundering

Anti-Kavanaugh Forces Deflated, Struggle to Organize

WASHINGTON – As Democratic leaders continue their desperate attempt to find a legitimate reason to oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, reports from the Washington Post and the New York Times conclude Democrats’ manufactured document fight and hysterical, baseless attacks on Judge Kavanaugh’s record aren’t sticking. Following the latest release of what will be a record number of documents from Judge Kavanaugh’s time as a public servant, the Washington Post noted, “A review of the latest trove revealed no obvious bombshells about Kavanaugh.”
In case you missed it…
Washington Post: Democrats all but acknowledge Kavanaugh is headed toward confirmation to Supreme Court
·         “…leaders of the resistance are already delivering post-mortem assessments and blaming fellow Democrats for a looming failure.”
·         “The fizzling of the campaign to block Kavanaugh underscores the relative weakness of the Democrats…”
·         “…Democrats are likely to watch helplessly as the Senate confirms Trump’s second Supreme Court pick after Justice Neil M. Gorsuch. In addition, Republicans have pushed through 24 circuit court judges, a record number for a president in his first two years in office, and two more are in the queue when the Senate returns next week.”
New York Times: ‘So, So Jaded’: The Campaign to Stop Brett Kavanaugh Struggles for Liftoff
·         “…across the country this August, energizing and sustaining on-the-ground opposition to a nominee whom most Republicans and some moderate Democrats have deemed well qualified has been difficult...”
·         “In Washington, Democrats have struggled to score points against Judge Kavanaugh, a 12-year veteran of the federal bench…”
·         “Mr. Grassley, for his part, seemed slightly taken aback that he had not met more resistance in his home state. ‘If there were any surprises, it would be surprising that every meeting wasn’t like the meeting we just completed,’ he said after the event in Corning.”