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Judge Kavanaugh Returns Senate Judiciary Questionnaire

 WASHINGTON – Last evening, Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh returned the bipartisan Judiciary Committee questionnaire Chairman Chuck Grassley and Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein sent to him on July 13.  The questionnaire can be found HERE. Related materials and appendices can be found HERE.
“I appreciate Judge Kavanaugh’s diligent and timely response to the broadest and most comprehensive questionnaire ever sent by this Committee. In his 12-plus years on the D.C. Circuit, Judge Kavanaugh has authored more than 300 opinions and joined hundreds of others, all of which are publicly available. Additionally, Judge Kavanaugh’s public record includes dozens of speeches and writings. These voluminous materials will provide us a very good understanding of Judge Kavanaugh’s qualifications and legal thinking – including how Judge Kavanaugh goes about finding, interpreting, and applying the law. I look forward to reviewing this and other materials, along with hearing from Judge Kavanaugh and the other hearing witnesses, as a part of the Committee’s fair, thorough and efficient vetting process,” Grassley said.