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Judge Jackson and Repeat Offenders

Judge Jackson has a history of going soft on repeat offenders and career criminals who could pose serious risks to the public, including in cases involving fentanyl and other drugs, illegal immigrants and police: 
Judge Jackson released a fentanyl dealer – who was already out of jail on supervised release – from pre-trial detention (United States v. Dabney, No. 20-cr-0027) 
  • Given this history, the government warned against releasing him 
  • Judge Jackson released the man from pre-trial detention anyway 
Judge Jackson gave a very lenient sentence to an illegal immigrant who had already been deported once (United States v. Garcia-Guerrero, No. 13-cr-0159 (D.D.C. 2013))  
  • A Central American drug distributor who wanted to sell cocaine in the U.S. was arrested and deported  
  • He then tried again to enter the country illegally
  • After pleading guilty, Judge Jackson sentenced him to only 21 months – even less than what the defendant himself asked for 
Judge Jackson gave an extraordinarily lenient sentence to a defendant convicted for a third time of assaulting a police officer 
  • Defendant pleaded guilty to assaulting a law enforcement officer, his third conviction for the same offense (United States v. Jenkins, No. 14-cr-0003 (D.D.C.)) 
  • Judge Jackson sentenced him to only 18 months – even less than what the defendant himself asked for 
Judge Jackson granted a drug and firearm dealer’s low-end sentencing request 
  • Defendant was charged with intent to distribute 28 grams or more of cocaine and firearms dealing, including in parking lots and grocery stores (United States v. Adams, No. 13-cr-0261 (D.D.C.), ECF No. 20 at *7) 
  • His criminal history included five prior convictions, including assaulting a police officer
  • Judge Jackson sentenced the defendant at the bottom of the advisory guidelines, as requested by defense counsel