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ICYMI: Graham on Comey

“Jim Comey is about as radioactive as you can get.” Comey has “a date with the truth.”

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) last night on Hannity talked about former FBI Director James Comey’s role in the FISA warrant process and the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

  • GRAHAM: “Here’s the point: that Rosenstein and Yates are running away from Crossfire Hurricane. She threw Comey under the bus. There will come a time to sell your book, Jim Comey. You can come to the Judiciary Committee because you’ve got a date with the truth my friend.”


  • GRAHAM: “What’s the take away here? That Comey sat on top of one of the most corrupt investigations, Crossfire Hurricane, in the history of the FBI and the rats are jumping ship. Bad day for Jim Comey.”


  • GRAHAM: “All I can tell you is Jim Comey is about as radioactive as you can get. If you don’t believe me, ask Sally Yates.”

        HANNITY: “When are you calling Comey [to come before the Senate Judiciary Committee]?”

        GRAHAM: “In September.”

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