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Grassley: Politically-Motivated Probes Are a Serious Offense; So are Classified Leaks

Probes into Congress are not unusual; IG will determine whether subpoenas were properly predicated

 WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, today issued the following statement regarding the Justice Department Inspector General’s review of investigative activity, including subpoenas, targeting records of certain Members of Congress and congressional staff:
“Both classified leaks and abuses of power are serious offenses that must be met with strict consequences. We know that the Justice Department is capable of abusing its power, as it did when it secretly spied on and ran intelligence operations against the Trump campaign. We also know that classified information in congress’ possession can leak to the press, as was the case with the classified Carter Page FISA – the product of that abuse. We do not know whether the effort to investigate such leaks was another example of an abuse of power by the Justice Department.
“Investigations into Members of Congress and staff are nothing new, especially for classified leaks. The Justice Department has specific procedures for such sensitive investigations, and the inspector general is already working to determine if they were followed.”