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Graham Questions FBI Director at Bureau Oversight Hearing

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) led a hearing today titled, “Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” Graham questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray on a number of issues related to oversight of the Bureau.   

On examining the FISA warrant process:  

  • GRAHAM: “Do you trust Mr. Horowitz to be fair to the country as a whole when he looks at the FISA warrant process?
  • WRAY: “I will say Mr. Chairman, in all my experience with Inspector General Horowitz that while he can be pretty hard hitting, he’s independent, he’s objective, he’s fair, he’s professional, he’s thorough, and I have no reason to doubt the integrity or the quality of the investigation he has underway.”   

On election security:  

  • GRAHAM: “Do you have what you need to provide election security…from the Congress? Do you have the money and the statutory authority you need?”
  • WRAY: “…We feel that we have significant resources devoted to the foreign influence piece and the President’s budget that’s currently up before the Congress asks for additional resources to help us do that.”  

  • GRAHAM: “…What are the Chinese up to when it comes to counterintelligence operations…?”
  • WRAY: “So Mr. Chairman, I would say that there is no country that poses a more severe counterintelligence threat to this country right now than China…”
  • GRAHAM: “That’s saying a lot.” 
  • GRAHAM: “…are the Russians still trying to interfere in our election system?”
  • WRAY: “The Russians are absolutely intent on trying to interfere with our elections through foreign influence in particular.”
  • GRAHAM: “Is it fair to say that everything we’ve done against Russia has not deterred them enough? All the sanctions, all the talk, they’re still at it?”
    WRAY: “My view is that until they stop, they have not been deterred enough.”