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Graham Chairs Hearing on Liability During COVID-19 Pandemic

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made an opening statement at the committee’s hearing titled “Examining Liability During the COVID-19 Pandemic”.

  • GRAHAM: “This hearing is designed to try to find a way to reopen the country, dealing with liability issues that businesses and public institutions may face in the reopening process.”

  • GRAHAM: “The federal role in creating liability protections needs to be limited. We're not going to preempt all state laws here about everything. We need to make sure that bad actors are not given a break, but that the people who are trying to do it right can reopen their businesses in their communities, schools and colleges with the assurance that if you practice the right procedures that you don't have to worry about getting sued on top of everything else.”

  • GRAHAM: “We're trying to reopen the country. The economy has definitely been stressed, but always be mindful of public health and that's the balance we'll be trying to achieve here…To provide liability protections in a reasoned fashion, not giving a pass to the bad actor, and hopefully we can rise to the occasion.”