March 28, 2017

Editorial Boards of America to Senate Democrats: Confirm Gorsuch, Don’t Filibuster

“Gorsuch Deserves An Up-Or-Down Vote…A Filibuster Isn’t A Vote” “Democrats Can Only Lose By Blocking Gorsuch”

New York Daily News: “An Extraordinarily Qualified, Whip-Smart Jurist With Exemplary Judicial Temperament” “Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee to the high court, withstood a murder board of questions last week to prove himself to be an extraordinarily qualified, whip-smart jurist with exemplary judicial temperament.” (Editorial, “Make him Justice Gorsuch,” New York Daily News, 3/26/17)
·         Democrats Are “Making A Large Political Mistake…They Should Stand Down. A Handful Might Even Have The Courage To Vote Aye To Neil Gorsuch.” “They are also making a large political mistake by daring Republicans to invoke the nuclear option, which would put any majority party in a position to approve a nominee to the high court with a mere 51 votes. They should stand down. A handful might even have the courage to vote aye to Neil Gorsuch.” (Editorial, “Make him Justice Gorsuch,” New York Daily News, 3/26/17)
New Hampshire Union Leader: “Gorsuch Gave Democrats No Good Reason To Oppose His Nomination” “During his hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Judge Neil Gorsuch gave Democrats no good reason to oppose his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.” (Editorial, “Confirm Gorsuch: Dems plan pointless filibuster,” New Hampshire Union Leader, 3/26/17)
·         “Gorsuch Is A Brilliant Jurist With A Remarkable Ability” “Gorsuch is a brilliant jurist with a remarkable ability to communicate complex legal theories in easily understood terms. He would be an excellent addition to the United States Supreme Court.” (Editorial, “Confirm Gorsuch: Dems plan pointless filibuster,” New Hampshire Union Leader, 3/26/17)
Boston Herald: “Schumer Made It Official…He Will Lead A Filibuster…What A Pity. And How Utterly Shameful” “So the top Democrat in the U.S. Senate, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer made it official yesterday — he will lead a filibuster of Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court. What a pity. And how utterly shameful that Massachusetts’ two senators were among the very first to jump on board this ill-advised band wagon.” (Editorial, “Shame on Senate Dems,” Boston Herald, 3/24/17)
·         “Wisdom In Voting For A Highly Qualified Candidate” “Perhaps more sensible members of their party see the wisdom in voting for a highly qualified candidate and preserving Senate tradition at the same time.” (Editorial, “Shame on Senate Dems,” Boston Herald, 3/24/17)
Lowell Sun: “No Question Neil Gorsuch Possesses The Qualifications And Temperament” “Partisan politics aside, there's no question Neil Gorsuch possesses the qualifications and temperament to be the high court's ninth justice.” (Editorial, “There’s no reason to deny Neil Gorsuch,” Lowell Sun, 3/24/17)
Denver Post: Gorsuch “Possesses The Fairness, Independence And Open-Mindedness Necessary…Has Been Roundly Praised Here By Democrats And Republicans Alike” “As we’ve noted several times in the run-up to Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings, the 10th Circuit judge possesses the fairness, independence and open-mindedness necessary to make him a marvelous addition to the Supreme Court. Missing the chance to rally behind Gorsuch — who has been roundly praised here by Democrats and Republicans alike — already diminishes Bennet. He cannot remain silent any longer.” (Editorial, “Michael Bennet should buck Democrats and speak up for Neil Gorsuch,” Denver Post, 3/23/17)
Billings Gazette: “Democrats Can't Quite Contort Themselves Enough To Give A Clear Answer As To Why Gorsuch Was So Qualified Then And Not Now” “All in all, something mighty big must have happened between now and 2006 when Gorsuch was first confirmed to the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals by a unanimous vote. The only problem is that Democrats can't quite contort themselves enough to give a clear answer as to why Gorsuch was so qualified then and not now.” (Editorial, “Democrats refuse to rise above petty partisan politics,” Billings Gazette, 3/24/17)
·         “Gorsuch's Cool, Respectful Approach…Makes Him The Ideal Candidate In This Overheated Political Climate” “It seems to us like Gorsuch's cool, respectful approach, even during intensely pointed questioning, makes him the ideal candidate in this overheated political climate.” (Editorial, “Democrats refuse to rise above petty partisan politics,” Billings Gazette, 3/24/17)
·         “Gorsuch Deserves An Up-Or-Down Vote…A Filibuster Isn't A Vote” “Gorsuch deserves an up-or-down vote regardless. If Democrats are so concerned about the ideology or legal philosophy of Gorsuch, then they should vote their conscience and make their case. A filibuster isn't a vote. A filibuster is just another symptom of a diseased and dysfunctional political process that continues to value a tit-for-tat mindset while the voters see little get done. This kind of one-upsmanship will only serve to widen the divisions in our politics.” (Editorial, “Democrats refuse to rise above petty partisan politics,” Billings Gazette, 3/24/17)
The Day: “Schumer…Should Abandon His Push To Filibuster The Nomination Of Supreme Court Nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch, Both Because It Is Not Justified And Because It Would Not Succeed” “Democratic Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York should abandon his push to filibuster the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch, both because it is not justified and because it would not succeed.” (Editorial, “Don’t filibuster Gorsuch Supreme Court vote,” The Day, 3/26/17)
·         “Schumer Should Get Out Of The Way And Allow A Simple Majority Vote To Confirm Gorsuch” “For now, Schumer should get out of the way and allow a simple majority vote to confirm Gorsuch.” (Editorial, “Don’t filibuster Gorsuch Supreme Court vote,” The Day, 3/26/17)
WSJ: “Pathetic Excuse For Opposition” “By offering this pathetic excuse for opposition, Mr. Schumer is really saying that no one nominated by President Trump can be confirmed.” (Editorial, “Schumer’s Gorsuch Gambit,” WSJ, 3/24/17)
·         “Republicans Have An Obligation To Respect Their Voters And Confirm Judge Gorsuch” “If Mr. Schumer insists on a filibuster, then Republicans have an obligation to respect their voters and confirm Judge Gorsuch anyway.” (Editorial, “Schumer’s Gorsuch Gambit,” WSJ, 3/24/17)
Omaha World-Herald: “Gorsuch Showed Himself To Be Level-Headed And Substantive” “Federal Judge Neil Gorsuch showed himself to be level-headed and substantive in handling the day and a half of grilling before the Senate Judiciary Committee.” (Editorial, “Senate should vote to confirm Gorsuch,” Omaha World-Herald, 3/24/17)
Quad-City Times: “Democrats Don't Have Much Political Capital To Burn…It'd Be Foolish To Use It All Fighting The Nomination Of Judge Neil Gorsuch” “U.S. Senate Democrats don't have much political capital to burn. So, it'd be foolish to use it all fighting the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. Frankly, there are better hills to die on right now. And Sens. Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth had better realize it fast.” (Editorial, “Democrats can only lose by blocking Gorsuch,” Quad-City Times, 3/26/17)
·         “Democrats Will Ultimately Lose. Gorsuch Is Eminently Qualified” “In this fight, Democrats will ultimately lose. Gorsuch is eminently qualified for the post. One mustn't share his perspective on politics and law to acknowledge that objective fact.” (Editorial, “Democrats can only lose by blocking Gorsuch,” Quad-City Times, 3/26/17)
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: “Harry Reid's Legacy Is Sad Indeed…Antonin Scalia And Ruth Bader Ginsburg Got 90 Votes For Confirmation…That Is When The Senate Voted On Qualifications, Not Politics” “Harry Reid's legacy is sad indeed, especially when you consider that Supreme Court nominees as different as Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg got 90 votes for confirmation in their time. That is when the Senate voted on qualifications, not politics. When they go back to voting on qualifications, they will again earn back the respect of the American public.” (Editorial, “The wrong fight: But some folks aren’t educable”, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 3/25/17)
Grand Junction Daily Sentinel: “He Clearly Passes The Character And Competence Tests…Politicizing The Nomination Process ‘Obscures The Fitness Of The Nominee’” “He clearly passes the character and competence tests, so Democrats risk perpetuating confirmation wars over a nominee with extensive qualifications. Unfortunately, politicizing the nomination process “obscures the fitness of the nominee,” as Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman pointed out in an op-ed she submitted to the Sentinel.” (Editorial, “Democrats should confirm Gorsuch,” Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 3/28/17)