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Chairman Graham on Court Packing: “We’re Sticking with Nine”

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) joined a press conference to discuss the Democrats’ plan for court packing.

GRAHAM: “I can't think of a more destabilizing event for America than changing the number of [justices] on the Supreme Court every election cycle because it becomes a winner take all for the Court.”

GRAHAM: “I just want to urge all of my colleagues to support Senator Rubio's efforts to solidify that we're sticking with nine. Nine has served us well.”

GRAHAM: “The traditional debate has been who fills vacancies: liberal or conservative. It's never been about how many will you have. And you'll eventually destroy the judiciary as we know it.” 

GRAHAM: “So, a word of warning here. If you think [Democrats] are kidding [about packing the Court], you’re making a mistake. I’d hate to be the Senator that said no I don't want to pack the Court, on the Democratic side. Because if you think it was bad for Senator Feinstein – your world would come to an end politically.”

GRAHAM: “We need to get the fever to break. The best way for the fever to break is for the country to make the decision to put in the Constitution: Nine is the right number.”

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