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Durbin, Schumer, Civil Rights Leaders Celebrate Milestone of 200th Judge Confirmed During Biden Administration

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and civil rights leaders today celebrated the milestone of 200 Article III judges confirmed during the Biden Administration.  These 200 confirmations highlight the Judiciary Committee’s work filling judicial vacancies with highly qualified, diverse candidates who help ensure the fair and impartial administration of the American justice system.

“The Senate Democratic Caucus is responsible for one of the most important accomplishments of the Biden-Harris administration—the confirmation of highly qualified, independent, and evenhanded judges to the federal bench.  And just now, we confirmed the 200th lifetime judge since President Biden took office,” said Chair Durbin.  “These nominees represent the best of the judiciary and our country.  They are highly qualified, and both professionally and demographically diverse.  And we accomplished all of this during the longest 50-50 Senate in history, and now with a narrow majority.  We celebrate these 200 judges, and we must not stop here.  I look forward to continuing our work in the months ahead.”

“Today the Senate reaches a significant milestone: 200 judges confirmed to lifetime appointments under President Biden and the Democratic Majority,” said Leader Schumer. “200 judges who are restoring balance and excellence to our courts; who are increasing the diversity and dynamism of our judiciary; and who are committed to applying the law fairly, impartially, equally. For the past three years, the Senate has prioritized confirming women, people of color, public defenders, civil rights lawyers, and more. In short – we’ve prioritized confirming judges, who embody the very ideal of America: a place where the rule of law is protected, where the rights of all are honored, and where everyone gets a fair shake. And we will keep going.”

“Every judicial seat matters—for our communities, our rights, and our future. We commend the Biden administration, Leader Schumer, Senator Durbin and their fellow Senators who share a commitment to a fair and impartial judiciary,” said Fatima Goss Graves, President and CEO at the National Women’s Law Center. “Reaching this milestone, with nearly two-thirds coming from the confirmations of women judges along with dozens of civil rights lawyers and public defenders, is a testament to our dedication to building a judiciary that truly serves all people. But our work isn't done—we won't stop until every judicial vacancy is filled with judges who embody fairness, integrity, and a commitment to justice.”

“Today, with critically important leadership from President Biden, Chair Durbin, and Leader Schumer, the civil rights community has pushed for and secured 200 lifetime judicial confirmations during this administration, including historic numbers of women, people of color, and other judges who have long been excluded from our federal courts.  Crucially, more than 40 percent of these confirmations have been of judges with significant experience protecting and advancing civil and human rights.  While we celebrate this milestone, we can’t stop now.  All remaining judicial vacancies must be filled with demographically diverse and qualified nominees who will respect and protect our rights.  For the future of equal justice, for our fundamental rights, and for our multiracial democracy, this work must accelerate,” said Jesselyn McCurdy, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs at The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

“We’re thrilled to mark the confirmation of the 200th federal judge nominated by President Biden,” said Svante Myrick, president of People For the American Way. “President Biden’s judges are not just highly qualified and historically diverse; they are making a difference in real people’s lives every day. And now we have to double down – maybe even triple down – on getting as many of these outstanding individuals nominated and confirmed as possible in the remainder of the president’s first term. Our hats are off to the president and to Senate Majority Leader Schumer and Judiciary Committee Chair Durbin, who have made this extraordinary milestone of 200 confirmations possible.  We look forward to working together to confirm many more.”  

“The future of Americans’ rights and freedoms, including the freedom to join a union and bargain collectively, are dependent upon the quality of our federal judiciary,” said Liz Shuler, president of the AFL-CIO. “President Biden has changed the face of the federal judiciary by appointing 200 highly qualified lawyers who are experientially and demographically the most diverse group of judicial nominees in U.S. history. These judges bring a demonstrated commitment to a fair and impartial legal system that will benefit us all. For years, powerful corporations have understood that by buying the influence of leaders in Washington, they could capture our courts with judicial nominees who would silence the voices of working people. We all deserve judges on the bench who won’t put a thumb on the scale of justice, and President Biden understands this. The AFL-CIO joins the celebration of the president’s 200th judicial confirmation, and we look forward to continuing the fight for a fair judiciary.”

“This is a day to celebrate, with 200 fair, independent, and qualified judges representing different backgrounds and experiences—many of them historic and the first of their communities on our federal courts,” said Jody Rabhan, Chief Policy Officer of National Council of Jewish Women. “National Council of Jewish Women is grateful to President Biden, Chair Durbin, and Leader Schumer for filling vacancies with excellent and diverse judges, a focus of Jewish text and tradition which prioritizes unbiased judges and impartial courts. Let’s continue the forward momentum by swiftly confirming Adeel Mangi to the Third Circuit and ensuring every seat is filled with judges committed to equal justice for all.”

“The confirmation of President Biden’s 200th lifetime judicial appointee is a major milestone in building a judiciary that works for the people, not just big polluters and special interests. President Biden and Democratic Senators have done an incredible job picking judges that look like America and have demonstrated commitment to the public interest,” said Doug Lindner, Senior Director of Judiciary & Democracy at the League of Conservation Voters. “These appointees include more women, more people of color, and more public-interest lawyers than those of any prior administration. LCV is proud to join Chair Durbin, Leader Schumer, and so many other champions for fair courts as we celebrate this historic achievement and redouble our efforts to fill every vacancy on the federal bench with qualified, ethical, personally and professionally diverse judges appointed by President Biden.”

“Today, we congratulate President Biden and the Senate on filling 200 judicial vacancies with fair-minded nominees who reflect the nation’s diversity.  This includes the confirmation of historic numbers of women, people of color and others who have long been excluded from and underrepresented on the federal bench,” said Lee Saunders, President of AFSCME.  “It is important that we keep nominating more judges who are committed to protecting workers’ rights, civil rights and human rights.  We look forward to continuing to work with the Biden administration, Sens. Schumer and Durbin, and our partners to fill every vacancy.”

“President Biden and Senate Democrats are making real progress in confirming the most diverse set of judges to the federal bench in history,” said Earthjustice Action Political Director Yaheiry Mora. “With courts already making critical decisions on environmental protections, civil rights, and our democracy, we need fair-minded judges who will follow facts, science, and the law above political whims. These 200 judges are an incredible step in the right direction toward rebalancing the judiciary, and we need President Biden and the Senate to keep up the momentum and fill every vacancy.”

“We thank Senators Durbin and Schumer and the Judiciary Committee for their work in prioritizing the importance of judicial nominations and look forward to continuing this momentum,” said Alliance for Justice President Rakim H.D. Brooks. “While this critical milestone is one to be celebrated, we must keep pushing and seize every opportunity to fill every seat, especially with judges from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds, including those with labor and economic justice experience.  We know how important a robust and complete judicial branch is for upholding the rule of law, resolving disputes fairly, and safeguarding the rights we all deserve.”

Photos of today’s press conference are available here.

Video of today’s press conference is available here.