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July 2019
Senate Approves Another Graham-Backed Election Security Bill
Graham, Feinstein Introduce the National Guard and Reservist Debt Relief Extension Act
Chairman Graham Leads Congressional Delegation to Southern Border
Graham Statement on Bress Confirmation to Ninth Circuit
June 2019
Judiciary Committee Advances Prescription Drug Pricing Bills
Graham Statement After Committee Markup
Graham on Situation at Southern Border: “This Is Not a Crisis, It’s a Disaster.”
Current, Former Judiciary Chairmen Continue Oversight of Response to Alleged Sale of Human Fetal Tissue
Graham Reintroduces the Federal Firearms Licensee Protection Act
Graham Opening Statement at Hearing on Secure and Protect Act
Media Advisory: Judiciary Hearing on Graham Legislation to Fix Southern Border Crisis
Graham: “Phipps Will Be A Great Addition To The Third Circuit”
In Response to Graham, Officials Agree on Important Step to Reduce Fentanyl Trafficking, Overdose Deaths
May 2019
Graham Statement on Special Counsel’s Remarks
Permanent Reauthorization of Bulletproof Vest Grant Program Signed into Law
Graham Statement for the Record Commemorating National Police Week
Judiciary Committee Advances Election Security Bills
Graham: Perfect Storm Brewing at the Border Due to Broken and Outdated Laws
Graham Introduces Resolution Recognizing National Police Week
Graham Continues Investigation into Origins of Russia Probe
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March 2019
Chairman Graham Prepared Hearing Remarks: “Oversight of Customs and Border Protection’s Response to the Smuggling of Persons at the Southern Border”
December 2018
Reviewing Oversight by the Judiciary Committee
Judiciary Committee Has Made Great Progress on behalf of the American People
Victims’ Rights and Child Protection Measures Adopted by 115th Congress
First Step Act: A Team Effort Years in the Making
Grassley Urges Colleagues to Support Revised First Step Act
Grassley on Chinese Espionage: It’s called cheating. And it’s only getting worse.
November 2018
Justice Dept. Bringing Much-Needed Transparency, Accountability to Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts
Grassley Discusses Criminal Justice Reform and Executive
October 2018
Republican Nominees to the 8th Circuit Can't Expect a Fair Shake from ABA
Grassley: I look forward to greeting Justice Kavanaugh
Grassley on Judge Kavanaugh: The most qualified Supreme Court nominee in our nation’s history
September 2018
Grassley Statement at Continuation of the Hearing to Consider Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh
Grassley Statement at a Hearing on the Nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court
August 2018
SCOTUS | Democrats’ Delay Tactics Aimed at Distracting from Judge Kavanaugh’s Qualifications
SCOTUS | Kavanaugh Hearing on Track for Sept 4
SCOTUS | Record Amount of Information for Senate on Judge Kavanaugh's Nomination
Grassley Discusses Supreme Court Nomination at Executive Business Meeting
SCOTUS | Grassley: the Committee will have ample information and time to carry out its responsibilities
July 2018
SCOTUS | The Most Transparent Confirmation Process in History
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September 2018
Opposition to Kavanaugh Is Failing Because It’s Meritless
Op-Ed: In Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings, here's what to expect
August 2018
Grassley: A Moment of Honesty From Chuck Schumer
Grassley: I’m ready to work to confirm Kavanaugh. I invite Democrats to join me.
July 2018
Grassley, Tillis, Cruz Op-Ed: Fixing Flores agreement is the only solution to immigrant family separation and detention
Grassley, Hatch Op-Ed: Mens Rea Reform and the Criminal Justice Reform Constellation
May 2018
Grassley-Goodlatte: DHS Should Finalize EB-5 Regs to Restore Program Integrity
April 2018
Sentencing reform bill will fight crime
Sen. Chuck Grassley: What I Need to Hear From Mark Zuckerberg Today
March 2018
Grassley Op-Ed: Trailblazing Judges Confirmed Despite Delay Tactics
February 2018
Grassley Op-Ed: Senate Democrats are trying to stall Trump's nominations by rewriting the history of 'blue slips'
January 2018
Op-Ed - Any DACA deal must include an end to chain migration
November 2017
Grassley Op-Ed - 100 Years of the Blue Slip Courtesy
April 2017
Op-Ed: The truth about Schumer, Democrats and Gorsuch
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acrobatSessions-Grassley to DOJ - Preap v Johnson
acrobatGrassley to Senate Security - Clinton Investigation File Segregation Request
acrobatSenate Security to Grassley - Clinton Investigation File
acrobatGrassley to Office of Senate Security - Clinton Investigation File
acrobatFBI to Grassley - Clinton Investigation Transparency
acrobatUSCIS to Grassley - B Visa Abuse
acrobatGrassley to Justice Dept. - Money Transfer to Iran
acrobatGrassley to Dept. of Homeland Security - EB-5 Form Change Recommendations
acrobatJustice Dept. Inspector General to Grassley - law enforcement gender equity
acrobatGrassley, Leahy to Justice Dept. & FBI - Alleged Russian Hacking of Democratic National Committee
acrobatGrassley to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services - Catastrophic Coverage
acrobatSnapchat to Grassley - Social Media and Elder Abuse
acrobatGrassley to Justice Dept. - Foreign Agent Registration Act
acrobatGrassley to FBI - Clinton Investigation Transparency
acrobatJustice Dept. to Grassley - Crime Victims' Rights Act notifications in Guccifer case
acrobatJustice Dept. to Grassley - Clinton Nondisclosure Agreement
acrobatUSCIS to Grassley - DACA Advance Parole Program
acrobatGrassley to Snapchat - Nursing Home Abuse Follow-Up
acrobatJustice Dept. to Grassley - Nursing Home Abuse
acrobatGrassley to DHS - Visa Abuse by Adult Entertainers
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