January 08, 2019

Feinstein on Trump Border Wall Speech

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on President Trump’s Oval Office speech supporting his ill-advised border wall:

“President Trump continues to use false data to justify his wall and keep the government closed. The president knows the majority of drugs come across at legal ports of entry, not over unguarded spaces. He knows that illegal border crossings are at record lows, down 75 percent from 2000. Yet he continues to use these issues as reasons to build his wall.

“Democrats have long supported increased efforts on border security. We have supported more immigration court judges, policies to humanely hold immigrant families who arrive in our country and increased funding for humanitarian programs. President Trump mentioned all those programs tonight, and Democrats not only agree with those goals, we also voted for legislation to implement them.

“What Democrats don’t support is spending billions and billions of dollars on a wall that won’t help protect our country. It’s not realistic. It’s not necessary. And it’s not where we should focus our attention and resources.

“Democrats have repeatedly tried to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and as ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, one of my goals is to produce a new bipartisan immigration reform bill. It’s a very serious issue that demands action. But focusing exclusively on the president’s wall is not a solution.

“Let’s reopen the government, make sure our citizens are paid and safe, then sit down at the negotiating table and reach a responsible compromise on these very real challenges.”