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Feinstein on Fast-Track Deportation Process

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) released the following statement after the Trump administration announced a deportation process that bypasses immigration judges:

            “Today’s announcement that the administration will quickly deport immigrants anywhere in the country without giving them their day in court is just one more attack on our immigration system and the rule of law.

            “I’ve said over and over again that the administration should focus its limited resources on serious criminals and individuals who are a threat to our national security, not families that are otherwise following the law. This decision does not take us in that direction.

            “This isn’t an isolated decision. Just last week the administration tried to change the law to prevent most families from receiving asylum in the United States, a heartless move that will harm families fleeing from some of the most violent countries like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

            “What we’re seeing is a sustained attack on immigrants. Considering our country’s history as a bastion of freedom and a beacon of safety, it’s a shame that the president feels the need to go after immigrants in this manner. I urge him to reconsider these irresponsible, callous actions.”