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Feinstein Hosts Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) released the following statement after meeting with Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack to discuss moves the company has taken to restrict the sale of guns:

             “I was delighted to meet Ed Stack, who I think is a great American. He’s a supporter of the Second Amendment and a gun owner, but also understands that we need reasonable controls on who can buy guns and what guns they can buy.

             “Ed is CEO of a company with more than 700 stores across the country. By halting all sales of military-style assault rifles and high-capacity magazines as well as raising the age to purchase firearms from 18 to 21, Dick’s is setting a solid example for companies across the country.

             “I’m grateful to all companies that have decided to act, whether it’s raising the age to buy guns or cutting relations with the NRA. These are all important steps toward putting in place sensible gun policies that will save lives.”

 Ed Stack

             Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling military-style assault rifles in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, and pulled military-style assault weapons from its Field and Stream outdoors stores after the Parkland shooting. The stores also stopped selling high-capacity magazines and raised the age to buy all firearms from 18 to 21.

             Following their meeting, Ed Stack spoke to the media and said: “We’ve promised that we’ll never put the assault-style weapon back in the Field and Stream stores or the Dick’s stores. We feel that we should have high capacity magazines banned. We raised the age to buy a firearm from us to 21 years old. And we have to do something to fix these background checks. And I hope that here in Washington the right just won’t talk to its base and the left just talk to its base, but I hope both sides will come with the express intent of solving the problem.”

 Other companies

             In addition to Dick’s Sporting Goods, a number of other companies have taken action after the Parkland shooting: 

  • Walmart, L.L. Bean and Kroger raised the age to buy firearms to 21.
  • Delta Airlines and United Airlines ended discounts for the NRA’s annual meeting.
  • A number of rental car companies ended their discount relationship with the NRA including Avis, Hertz, Alamo, Enterprise and National.
  • Best Western and Wyndam ended their discount programs for NRA members.
  • Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines ended their affiliated relationship with the NRA.
  • The insurance companies MetLife, Chubb, Securian and Lockton cut their ties with the NRA.



High-resolution version available here.




High-resolution version available here.