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Feinstein: Congress Must Act on Commonsense Gun Safety Legislation

Washington—Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on gun legislation:

High-capacity magazines

            “The House Judiciary Committee this week will vote on a bill to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines. This is an important bill and I’m grateful to Chairman Nadler for making it a priority.

            “There’s no legitimate reason a shooter needs to fire 30, 50 or even 100 rounds before reloading. The shooter in Dayton last month was able to fire at least 41 rounds in 30 seconds and kill nine people because he used a 100-round magazine.

            “A recent Washington Post poll finds that 60 percent of Americans support banning these dangerous magazines. Hopefully the House will pass this bill soon and send it to the Senate.

Assault Weapons Ban

            “It’s time that Congress not only debate but also pass a ban on military-style assault weapons.

            “According to an analysis of mass shootings that claimed six or more lives, 490 people have been killed by assault weapons since the federal ban expired.

            “After a decline during the decade when the Assault Weapons Ban was in effect, we’ve seen consistently increasing death tolls using these guns. During the decade following the ban’s end, 219 people were killed. And in just the last five years, 271 people have been killed.

            “I introduced legislation to ban these weapons in January. That bill has the support of 32 senators. The House companion bill has the support of 212 representatives. The idea is also supported by 56 percent of Americans. It deserves a vote.

Background checks

            “The House has already passed a universal background check bill, and it should be brought before the Senate as soon as possible. Today, loopholes in the background check system are enormous and effectively undermine the entire process.

            “Frequent gun shows, easy access to guns online and private purchases are all simple means to purchase a firearm without any background check at all. This proposal is supported by 89 percent of Americans and it deserves a vote.

Extreme risk protection orders

            “Another bill with broad public support – 86 percent according to a recent poll – helps states establish laws for extreme risk prevention orders. These laws allow guns to be lawfully, temporarily taken away from individuals who are determined by a judge to be dangerous to themselves or others.

            “My bill provides states with grants to establish these laws, and it’s ready for debate and a vote today. States that already have these laws – 17 plus the District of Columbia – have had great success, and these laws should be implemented nationwide.

Support for bills

            “Even though all four of these proposals are strongly supported by the public, Senate Republicans and the president refuse to consider these lifesaving proposals. That needs to change.

            “Congress needs to debate these bills and have an opportunity to vote on them. Lives depend on our action.”