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Fact-Check: Bill to Keep Families Together Does Not Bar Prosecutions, Mandate Release

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement correcting false Republican statements about her bill, the Keep Families Together Act:

“The legislation I have introduced, which has the support of all 49 Democratic senators, is simple and straightforward. It would prevent the separation of children from their parents at or near the border. Period.

“Despite the misinformation spread by the RNC and others, the bill doesn’t bar prosecutions or arrests. It doesn’t allow sex traffickers to use children as pawns. In fact, it specifically ensures children can be protected if sex trafficking or abuse is suspected.

“It’s also nonsense to claim that this bill promotes ‘catch and release’ policies. Even under existing law, families can still be detained together. In fact, the government has three family detention facilities. Republicans are misrepresenting my bill to justify their inexcusable decisions to not support it.

“What’s happening in this country is unconscionable. President Trump can and should reverse his policy immediately. However, as I’ve said time and again, if he won’t, then Congress should step in and act. These horrific actions should not continue one more day.”