The Digital Millennium Copyright Act at 22: What is it, why was it enacted, and where are we now
Subcommittee Hearing

Subcommittee on Intellectual Property
Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Time: 02:30 PM
Location: Dirksen Senate Office Building 226
Presiding: Chairman Tillis
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Panel I

  1. The Honorable Edward J. Damich
    Senior Judge
    United States Court of Federal Claims
    Washington , DC
  2. Mr. Jonathan Band
    Jonathan Band PLLC
    Washington , DC
  3. Mr. Robert S. Schwartz
    Constantine Cannon
    Washington , DC
  4. Mr. Steve Metalitz
    Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp LLP
    Washington , DC

Panel II

  1. Professor Rebecca Tushnet
    Frank Stanton Professor of the First Amendment
    Harvard Law School
    Cambridge , MA
  2. Professor Jessica Litman
    John F. Nickoll Professor of Law
    University of Michigan Law School
    Ann Arbor , MI