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S.3588 PREP Act
S.3601 Delivering Outcomes for American Workers Act
S.Res.678 A resolution recognizing the month of October 2018 as Filipino American History Month and celebrating the history and culture of Filipino Americans and their immense contributions to the United States.
S.2785 A bill to designate foreign persons who improperly interfere in United States elections as inadmissible aliens, and for other purposes.
S.3567 No Internment Camps Act
S.2559 Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act
S.3558 Child Trafficking Victims Protection and Welfare Act
S.3557 Invest in America Act
S.Res.642 A resolution designating the week of September 15 through September 22, 2018, as "National Estuaries Week".
S.Res.666 A resolution designating October 6, 2018, as "National Coaches Day".
S.2946 A bill to amend title 18, United States Code, to clarify the meaning of the terms "act of war" and "blocked asset", and for other purposes.
S.3543 Native American Voting Rights Act of 2018
S.Res.665 A resolution designating October 2018 as "National Employee Ownership Month".
S.3540 Central America Reform and Enforcement Act
H.R.68 Tiffany Joslyn Juvenile Accountability Block Grant Program Reauthorization Act of 2017
S.994 Protecting Religiously Affiliated Institutions Act of 2017
S.Res.632 A resolution designating September 2018 as "National Workforce Development Month".
S.Res.637 A resolution designating September 2018 as "National Kinship Care Month".
S.Res.659 A resolution designating September 2018 as "National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month".
H.R.6847 Preventing Child Exploitation Act of 2018
S.Res.625 A resolution designating the week beginning September 9, 2018, as "National Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week".
H.R.6580 Kerrie Orozco First Responders Family Support Act
S.3490 Law Enforcement Resources and Community Safety Act of 2018
S.Res.646 A resolution recognizing the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice on its 50th anniversary.
S.3488 American Royalties Too Act of 2018
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