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Grassley Statement Ahead of Votes on Assistant Attorney General for National Security, Judicial Nominations

Prepared Statement by Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa
Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee
Executive Business Meeting
October 19, 2017
Good morning. Today, we have a number of nominees on the agenda.
We have several nominees on the agenda for the first time today. The minority has requested that they be held over, so the nominations of the following are held over:

  • Stephanos Bibas, 3rd Circuit
  • Allison Eid, 10th Circuit Judge
  • Liles Burke, Northern District of Alabama
  • Walter Counts, Western District of Texas
  • Michael Juneau, Western District of Louisiana
  • Marvin Quattlebaum, District of South Carolina
  • Karen Scholer, Northern District of Texas
  • Tilman Self, Middle District of Georgia
We also have 5 US Attorney nominees on today’s agenda who we’ll be able to vote on.
Additionally, we’ll vote on the nominee to lead the National Security Division at the Department of Justice as well as 4 District Court nominees.
Mr. Demers is nominated to serve as the Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division. As noted during his nominations hearing, Mr. Demers has the strong bipartisan support of all prior Assistant Attorneys General for the National Security Division at the Department of Justice, from both the Bush and Obama administrations. This strong bipartisan support is a testament to his impeccable background in national security.
Following graduation from Harvard Law School, a Supreme Court clerkship with Justice Scalia, and a career in private practice, Mr. Demers helped to stand up the National Security Division when it was first created and has held leadership roles at the Department of Justice and in the private sector at the Boeing Company.
The 4 District Court nominees are also all well qualified and have diverse legal experience. Ms. Axon has civil litigation experience in both district and circuit courts and has extensive pro bono work in her community. Mr. Brown has experience as a prosecutor and in private practice. Judge Ray has a distinguished career as an attorney, state legislator, and state judge. As a legislator, he created Heidi’s Law, which significantly reformed Georgia’s DUI Laws. As a judge, he created the drug court in the county in which he presides.
Senator Tillis may have more to say about Mr. Farr, but he too, is an accomplished attorney with experience as a law clerk, as counsel in the US Senate, and in private practice. I look forward to advancing all these nominations to the Floor today.