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Full Committee

Hearing statusRescheduled: Hearing titleContinued Oversight of U.S. Government Surveillance Authorities

Type: Full Committee Hearing
Time: 02:00pm
Location: Dirksen 226
Status: Rescheduled

Member Statements

Panel I

  • The Honorable Robert S. Litt

    General Counsel
    Office of the Director of National Intelligence
    Washington, DC
  • The Honorable Keith B. Alexander

    National Security Agency
    Fort Meade, MD
  • The Honorable James Cole

    Deputy Attorney General
    Department of Justice
    Washington, DC

Panel II

  • Edward Black

    President & CEO
    Computer & Communications Industry Association
    Washington, DC
  • Julian Sanchez

    Research Fellow
    Cato Institute
    Washington, DC
  • Carrie F. Cordero

    Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown Law
    Director, National Security Studies at Georgetown University Law Center
    Washington, DC