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Full Committee

Examining the Senate and House Versions of the 'Greater Access to Affordable Pharmaceuticals Act'

Type: Full Committee Hearing
Time: 09:30am
Location: SD-226
There is no video broadcast for this event.

Member Statements

Panel I

  • Mr. Robert Armitage

    Vice President and General Counsel
    Eli Lilly and Company
    Washington, DC

Panel II

  • The Honorable Timothy J. Muris, Esq.

    Federal Trade Commission
    Washington, DC
  • Mr. Sheldon T. Bradshaw

    Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel
    U.S. Department of Justice
    Washington, DC
  • Mr. Jon Dudas

    Deputy Under Secretary for Intellectual Property, Deputy Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office
    Department of Commerce
    Arlington, VA
  • Mr. Dan Troy, Esq.

    Chief Counsel for Food and Drugs
    Food and Drug Administration
    Rockville, MD