Minority Press

May 2022
Grassley, Longtime Champion of the False Claims Act, Urges Supreme Court to Uphold Original Congressional Intent of the Law
Grassley Leads Bill to Crack Down on Undisclosed Foreign Influence
Grassley, Ossoff Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Improve Public Safety
Judiciary Committee Advances Bills Supporting Law Enforcement to Conclude National Police Week
Senate Commemorates National Police Week
Bipartisan, Bicameral Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Broaden War Crimes Jurisdiction
Grassley, Whitehouse Lead Senators in Call to Fully Fund FinCEN’s Anti-Money Laundering Operations
ICYMI | Grassley Leads Press Conference on Rising Crime in America
Senate Resolution Designates May 10 as National Fentanyl Awareness Day
Grassley Demands Data from VA to Protect Second Amendment Rights of Veterans
Grassley, Colleagues Seek to Deter Counterfeit Pill Production
Judiciary Committee Advances Grassley’s Bipartisan NOPEC Act
April 2022
Senators Introduce Bill to Reduce Crack-Powder Sentencing Disparity, Protect Communities from Criminals Most Likely to Reoffend
Grassley to Biden: Stop Blaming Lawful Gun Owners for Democrat-Caused Crime Wave
Judiciary Republicans Push for Hearing on Title 42 Public Health Order, Impact on Border Crisis
Grassley-Graham Proposal Will Make Human Rights Violators Deportable, Inadmissible to U.S.
Grassley, Colleagues Seek to Renew Critical Protections for Child Abuse Victims
March 2022
Judiciary Republicans Press Judge Jackson on Lenient Sentencing of Repeat Sex Offender
Repeat Illegal Immigrant and Drug Dealer Gets Kid Glove Treatment
Judge Jackson and Repeat Offenders
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May 2022
Grassley Statement at Police Week Markup
Grassley Statement on mark up of Mental Health Legislation, Safety of SCOTUS Justices
Grassley Statement at Markup of NOPEC Act and on SCOTUS Leak
Grassley Statement at hearing on Credit Card Swipe Fees
April 2022
Grassley Speaks ahead of Supreme Court Confirmation Vote
Grassley Statement at Meeting to Consider Supreme Court Nominee
March 2022
Grassley Statement On The Freedom of Information Act Hearing
Grassley Statement at an Executive Business Meeting
SCOTUS | Grassley Opening Statement
Grassley Statement on SCOTUS Nomination at Committee Meeting
Grassley Statement at Hearing on Combating the Rise in Hate Crimes
Grassley Statement at Hearing on Federal Support for Preventing and Responding to Carjackings
February 2022
Grassley Remarks on Crossfire Investigation at Senate Judiciary Executive Business Meeting
Grassley Statement at Hearing on Nominations and Legislation to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Support Survivors
Grassley Statement at Hearing on Targeted Drone Strikes
Grassley Opening Statement on Big Tech Legislation and SCOTUS
January 2022
Grassley Statement at Markup on Big Tech Competition Bill
Grassley Statement at an Executive Business Meeting
Grassley Statement at Hearing on “The Domestic Terrorism Threat One Year After January 6”
December 2021
Grassley Statement At An Executive Business Meeting
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April 2022
ICYMI | Opinion: Apologies for Hunter Biden’s Laptop
September 2018
Opposition to Kavanaugh Is Failing Because It’s Meritless
Op-Ed: In Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings, here's what to expect
August 2018
Grassley: A Moment of Honesty From Chuck Schumer
Grassley: I’m ready to work to confirm Kavanaugh. I invite Democrats to join me.
July 2018
Grassley, Tillis, Cruz Op-Ed: Fixing Flores agreement is the only solution to immigrant family separation and detention
Grassley, Hatch Op-Ed: Mens Rea Reform and the Criminal Justice Reform Constellation
May 2018
Grassley-Goodlatte: DHS Should Finalize EB-5 Regs to Restore Program Integrity
April 2018
Sentencing reform bill will fight crime
Sen. Chuck Grassley: What I Need to Hear From Mark Zuckerberg Today
March 2018
Grassley Op-Ed: Trailblazing Judges Confirmed Despite Delay Tactics
February 2018
Grassley Op-Ed: Senate Democrats are trying to stall Trump's nominations by rewriting the history of 'blue slips'
January 2018
Op-Ed - Any DACA deal must include an end to chain migration
November 2017
Grassley Op-Ed - 100 Years of the Blue Slip Courtesy
April 2017
Op-Ed: The truth about Schumer, Democrats and Gorsuch
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acrobatGrassley to U.S. Circuit of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit - Status of the Investigation on Alleged Misconduct by District Court Judge Mark E. Fuller
acrobatGrassley to Federal Bureau of Prisons - Religious Prison Contractors
acrobatGrassley to Justice Department - United States Marshals Service Contracting Follow Up
acrobatGrassley to Treasury Department - Fannie Freddie Executive Privilege
acrobatGrassley to Department of Justice - Fannie-Freddie Executive Privilege
acrobatUnited States Marshals Service to Grassley - Allegations of Misuse of the Assets Forfeiture Fund Resources
acrobatGrassley to Department of Homeland Security - Retaliation Against Personnel
acrobatJustice Department to Grassley - Response to Follow-Up, Public Safety Officers Benefits
acrobatGrassley to State Department - Use of Special Government Employee Designations
acrobatGrassley to Justice Department - Moonlight Fire
acrobatGrassley to Federal Bureau of Investigation - Status of the Review and Progress
acrobatGrassley to State Department - Abedin-Clinton-Teneo Email Request 2
acrobatJustice Department to Grassley - USMS Hiring Practices: Mr. Lenzie
acrobatGrassley to Justice Department - Zero Tolerance of Prostitution
acrobatMembers of the Judiciary Committee to Grassley - Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Sequential Referral
acrobatGrassley to Justice Department - FBI Mobile Surveillance Teams
acrobatGrassley to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives - Operation Fast and Furious
acrobatGrassley to Department of Homeland Security - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services: Mayorkas
acrobatGrassley to Office of Inspector General - FBI Agent Solicitation of Prostitution
acrobatGrassley to Justice Department - Zero Tolerance for Prostitution
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April 2020
Judiciary Committee Releases Key Material Related to FISA Abuse Investigation
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