Minority Press

October 2017
Feinstein: Close Automatic Weapon Loophole
Feinstein Speaks on DACA, DREAM Act
Feinstein, Harris Urge DACA Recipients to Mail Renewal Applications Today
Feinstein Statement on Las Vegas Shooting
September 2017
Feinstein Statement on Refugee Ceiling
Feinstein Speaks on Special Counsel Bills
Feinstein: Protect Senate Power on Judicial Nominees
Feinstein Statement on District Court Nominee Jeff Mateer
Feinstein, Durbin Request Required Consultation on Refugees
Senate Passes Feinstein-Grassley Bill to Combat Human Trafficking
Feinstein Cosponsors Amendment to Keep Non-Citizen Military Personnel From Discharge Due to Immigration Status
Feinstein, Senators Urge Investigation of Equifax Stock Sales Following Data Breach
Feinstein Supports California Lawsuit to Preserve DACA
Feinstein Calls for DREAM Act Vote
Feinstein Speaks on Dreiband Nomination
Feinstein Statement on Importance of Blue Slips
Feinstein Statement on DACA Termination
August 2017
Feinstein Statement on Arpaio Pardon
Feinstein on Ninth Circuit Split: Unnecessary, Needless Waste of Taxpayer Dollars
Feinstein: Trump Immigration Policy Has Failed
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