Majority Press

November 2018
Feinstein, Harris to White House: Work Toward Consensus Ninth Circuit Package
Feinstein, Nadler, Schiff: White House OLC Opinion on Whitaker Appointment ‘Fatally Flawed’
Feinstein, Harris Wyden Introduce Legislation to Improve Resettlement Process for Unaccompanied Children
Feinstein Calls for Judiciary Committee Hearings with Whitaker, Sessions
Judiciary Democrats to Grassley: Hold Additional Hearings for Nominees Considered During Recess
Feinstein, Harris, Pelosi to Justice Department: Don’t Close Environmental Protections Office
Feinstein: Tools to Reduce Mass Shootings Available, Just Lacking Republican Leadership
Feinstein on Firing of Jeff Sessions
October 2018
Feinstein Statement on Hate Crimes, Presidential Rhetoric
Feinstein Statement on Pittsburgh Shooting
Feinstein: Trump Wrong on Family Separation, Protections for Unaccompanied Children
Feinstein on Nominations Hearing
Feinstein Statement on Russian Interference in 2018 Elections
Senators Call Out NRA for Using Shell Corporation to Duck Campaign Finance Law
Feinstein, Nadler Request Unredacted “Zero Tolerance” Memo
Feinstein on Ninth Circuit Nominees
Feinstein Statement on Kavanaugh Confirmation
Feinstein Speaks Against Kavanaugh Nomination
Feinstein on FBI Investigation: Incomplete, Limited
Judiciary Committee Democrats: Missing Witnesses, Constraints Undermine FBI’s Kavanaugh Investigation
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