U.S. Attorney General Nomination

Senator Jeff Sessions

SessionsPresident-elect Donald J. Trump announced on November 18 his intention to nominate Senator Jeff Sessions to serve as the 84th Attorney General of the United States.  Senator Sessions has served in public office as a United States Senator for 20 years. 

Since President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s nomination of Herbert Brownell to be the 62nd Attorney General in 1953, hearings on a newly-elected president’s Attorney General nominee have been held prior to inauguration. The only exception occurred when President George H.W. Bush retained Dick Thornburgh as Attorney General after he had been confirmed only five months prior under President Ronald Reagan.  

The hearings for the four most recent Attorneys General lasted one to two days each. At each of those hearings, three to nine outside witnesses testified. 

Senator Sessions returned the committee questionnaire, and Chairman Grassley set a hearing date of January 10-11, 2017, following the same timeline as the nomination of Attorney General Eric Holder.

Watch the hearing and review written testimony: Day 1 | Day 2