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The Senate Judiciary Committee is among the most active in Congress and its work has the potential to impact the lives of millions of Americans. To find relevant committee reports, bill text, hearing transcripts and nominations materials, please use the search tools below.

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acrobatNCADD re Botticelli 92914 Direct Download
acrobatPartnership for DrugFree Kids re Botticelli 92614 Direct Download
acrobatNADCP re Botticelli 9-24-14 Direct Download
acrobatBough Response QFRs 72414 Direct Download
acrobatCADCA re Botticelli ONDCP 91914 Direct Download
acrobatResults of Executive Business Meeting 9-18-14 Direct Download
acrobatLeahy Record Sub 91714 Direct Download
acrobatHatch Record Sub 91714 Direct Download
acrobatNACCHO re Botticelli 9-16-10 Direct Download
acrobatNational Council for Behavioral Health re Botticelli ONDCP 9-11-14 Direct Download
acrobatResults of Executive Business Meeting 91114 Direct Download
acrobatPheonix Multisport re Botticelli 91014 Direct Download
acrobatNASADAD re Botticelli 9-9-14 Direct Download
acrobatASAM re Botticelli ONDCP 9414 Direct Download
acrobatGilliam Senate Questionnaire Final Direct Download
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