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The Senate Judiciary Committee is among the most active in Congress and its work has the potential to impact the lives of millions of Americans. To find relevant committee reports, bill text, hearing transcripts and nominations materials, please use the search tools below.

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acrobatLaw Clerks Letter 7-14-15 Direct Download
acrobatResults of Executive Business Meeting, July 23, 2015 Direct Download
acrobat07-16-15 Results of Executive Business Meeting Direct Download
acrobatGrassley, Leahy to Justice Department - Fraudulent Subpoenas Direct Download
acrobatGrassley to FBI, DEA, DOD - Hacking Team's Sudan Business Direct Download
acrobatJustice Department to Grassley - DEA Spyware Direct Download
acrobatResults of Executive Business Meeting - July 9, 2015 Direct Download
acrobatGrassley to Justice Department, FBI - Ali Awni al Harzi Direct Download
acrobatGrassley, Leahy to FBI - Criminal History Records Direct Download
acrobatResults Of Executive Business Meeting - June 25, 2015 Direct Download
acrobatBicameral Letter to Chief Justice Roberts - Live Audio and Cameras Direct Download
acrobatGrassley to Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services - Production of DACA Expansion Direct Download
acrobatU.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to Grassley - E-2 Visas (Cover Letter) Direct Download
acrobatDept. of Homeland Security to Grassley - E-2 Visas (ENCLOSURES) Direct Download
acrobatMcGrew, DOJ to Grassley - Bureau of Prisons Response on Religious Prison Contractors Direct Download
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